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Luthier Founded Community Music Store in Burlington, VT

215 College St., 2nd. Fl, Burlington, VT
802 865-3890 - randolin1@gmail.com

Randolin Music
Our Products & Services


  • Open Labor Day Monday
    10 am - 5:00 pm

  • Mon-Wed -Frid:
    10:00 am -6:30 pm

  • Tues-Thu: 10 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 - 5:00 pm
    Please call 802 651-0070 or email randolin1@gmail.com.
  • Sunday: Closed

  • Randolin Music is a great place to work and learn about string instruments, woodwork and finish work. Apprenticeship with the Master Luthier employs the understanding of the secrets behind string instrument-making inside and out. It takes a creator to bring life of timeless value and beauty that transcend all ages and technology.
    It's a great opportunity and we are proud and grateful of what we do at Randolin Music.

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Randolin Music Supports
Live Music in Burlington


The Addition Studio

Support this very worthy cause and help your less fortunate neighbors.

Chittenden county food shelf

Local Vermont Artists performing at Randolin Music



Avoid costly repair, get humidification device
See video.

Tips & Instructional Videos on Essential Maintenance
& Care from the Luthier

Guitar Humidification and Top Leveling Commentary

How to Re-String
Classical Guitar

How to Change Strings and Adjust the Action

Special Sale
Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, & various Reed Instrument accessories

xxxxReed accessories

  • Strings (all instruments)
  • Picks including thumb and metal finger picks
  • Straps
  • Gig bag
  • Bow
  • Chin rest
  • Rosin
  • Single strings
  • Capos
  • Chromatic Tuners
  • Harmonicas
  • Electronic parts including volume and tone pots
  • Switches
  • Springs
  • Instrument stand
  • Humidifier
  • Penny whistles

Gift ideas

reunion blues
Reunion Blues Gig Bags & Intruments cases in various style.

Watch! They threw the thing off the 4th floor!

Used & chip board cases also

Call for special deals on ukes, banjos, and guitar: 802-865-3890


  • Strings (all instruments)
  • Picks including thumb and metal finger picks
  • Straps
  • Gig bag
  • Bow
  • Chin rest
  • Rosin
  • Single strings
  • Capos
  • Chromatic Tuners
  • Harmonicas
  • Electronic parts including volume and tone pots
  • Switches
  • Springs
  • Instrument stand
  • Humidifier
  • Penny whistles


Randolin Music Instrument Sales and Repair
  1. Meadow Violin package $129,
  2. Czech Stard copy Violin pre WW2, $300
  3. Karl Beck German violin late 1800's $400
  4. Violin French Conservatory model early 1900's $500
  5. German Conservatory Volin early 1900 $600

    7. Violin Paesold made in Germany (SEE VIDEO) $850
    8. American made late 1800s/early 1900s $500
    9. AndreasEastman 905 year 2006 (click link) $1200
    11. German Strad 1920s, excellent violin (SEE VIDEO) $1600

Warranty Center for Martin Guitar, Taylor, Fender, Eastman, Guild, KMC Music
All used, refurbished, and vintage instruments for sale has been inspected and play-tested before release

NEW ARRIVAL/ Guitars: Archtops;

  • Eastman AR 372 CE Hollow Body $975
  • Eastman T386 Hollow Body $850
  • Eastman AR 810 CE, $2100
  • Eastman AR 503, $950

    Flat tops:
  • AC120 w/ HSC $499
  • AC120 CE w/ HSC $550
  • AC222 CE w/ HSC $650
  • Eastman AC 512 M
  • DX1 Martin, 2009, $325
  • D35 Martin, 1975, w/ OHSC $2400

    All solid woods +
    hardshell case:

  • Eastman E20 OM, $1150

    All solid woods:
  • Eastman AC420 + gig bag, $800

  • Used Regal square neck,  $450
Gretsch_6073 New - Best Choice

New Goldtone (PBS) Paul Beard Signature model. Square neck for lapstyle playing.
Retail: $935
Our Price: $704
You save: $231

Also available in Round Neck ($785)
More details BUY 704 USD

Harmony Patrician early 1950's all original $700
SALE: $600

case/bag extra

Details   700 USD
jumbo guitarUsed in Good Condition

Jumbo Guitar
solid top

Details   300 USD
Eastman ArchtopNEW! Eastman
New with
hardshell case

spruce top

List: $1250
Our Price: $950

Details   950 USD

They dropped the thing off the 4th floor!

Reunion Blues Gig Bags
& Instrument Cases AVAILABLE

Reunion Blues

RecKingRNJ26-BKNEW One-Of-A-Kind Guitar Recording King RJN-26-BK
"The Blues Box" Solid Mahogany, spruce top. Limited special edition, hardshell case.

New Online: $999

Our Price: $675
SALE: $600
Details   675 USD
EastmanAR810NEW Eastman
AR 810CE-7
with molded
hardshell case

List Price: $2900
Internet List Price: $2320
Our Price: $2100
Details   2100 USD
Monterey vintage guitar


Harmony Monterey 1946, in very good condition. Restored with new tuners, tailpiece and bridge

Larger pic   450 USD

1990 MartIn Shenandoah
Model 2832
Plays excellent and in very good condition

WATCH Video Played by Gordon Stone

Our Price: $1200

Larger pic BUY 1200 USD
tacomaMint Condition

Tacoma, built 2001 pre-Fender. Solid back/sides, spruce top all solidwood. Comes with bag

Our Price: $450

Larger pic   450 USD
D-28 Martin GuitarVintage

D-28 Martin
Guitar 1972
Back &

Our Price: $2500
comes with sase

Details 2500 USD

Gold Tone Bob Carlin Signature BC-120 NEW! Gold Tone Bob Carlin Signature BC-120
Features a 12" rim, frailing scoop, wider fingerboard, "hot dog" vintage-style armrest, Renaissance head, "No Knot" tailpiece, and Vintage old timey neck design. Includes a padded gig bag.
List: $860
Our Price: $645

Details   645 USD
Gretsch_6073Gold Tone CC-IT (Cripple Creek Irish Tenor) w/ Resonator and Planets
17-Fret Irish Tenor. Economy Model. Rolled Brass Tone Ring. Snowflake Inlay. This model is used professionally all over the world.

List: $640
Our Price: $495
Details   495 USD

Gold Tone Orange Blosso,New!
Gold Tone Orange Blossom OB-250
Bell Brass Tone Ring, 3-Ply Canadian Maple Rim, Professional Model 5-String Banjo List: $1640
Our Price: $1154

Details   1154 USD
RecKing-ROS-06New! Gold Tone
Concert Banjolele (BUC)
Affordable alternative to the Gold Tone Banjolele series now available in a concert scale length (15-1/2"). Tuned GCEA, this model features a maple neck, bound rosewood fingerboard, geared tuners, a single adjustable coordinator rod, and plate-style resonator. Includes hard shell case.

List: $480
Our Price: $344
Details   344 USD
Gibson Tenor BanjoNew!
Composite Series
Banjo w/ Resonator
& Bag

List: $432
Our Price: $324
Details   324 USD

JFarris 5-string banjoSOLD!
1890 Vintage,
Hartford, CT

J. Farris
True 5-String Tenor Banjo 19 - inch scale length, almost original

Our Price: $550

Details   550 USD
Kay Banjo VintageNEW! SOLD~more coming

Cripple Creek CC-0T is Gold Tone’s recommended entry level openback banjo, complete package designed to learn clawhammer style banjo.

List: $560
Our Price: $420

Details   420 USD

The Cripple Creek Banjitar is an entry-level 6-string banjo, tuned like a guitar, with loads of features and a small price. It allows a guitar player to achieve a banjo-like tone without necessarily having to learn the 5-string banjo techniques.

List: $700
Our Price: $525 no bag

$575 w/ heavy duty gig bag

Details   525 USD

made for Montgomery Ward late 1920s early '30s by Slingerland.
Fully Restored

Price: $900
Case/bag: extra

Details   900 USD

late 1950s,
excellent shape

Price: $350

Details   350 USD
Martinet banjoVINTAGE
Martinet Banjo by Slingerland.
Mid 1920s. All original tenor banjo with skinhead, pickguard, and hardshell case. Excellent condition

Price: $900
Details   900 USD
Iidan BanjoIida Banjo made
1979-1981 Mastertone copy $750

Details   750 USD
6-string Randolin UkeleleRestored Like New
High-End Randolele 6-string - custom Uke with electronics

Used Retail: $1200
Our Price: $999
You save: $200

Watch Video Demo
Larger pic BUY 999 USD
Randolin UkeleleNew Custom Made in VT

High-end Randolele
Randolin RLN

Our Price: $450


  450 USD  

Ukelele carved bridgeNew!

Concert Ukelele
Mahogany, Carved Bridge


Details   325 USD
Ukelele mango wood

Concert Ukelele
Mango wood (Aloha on fingerboard)



Details   350 USD

Custom Made
for Randolin

Tenor Ukelele
Rosewood w/ back & sides spruce top

Our price: $375

Larger pic   375 USD
Islands Inlay Ukelele

Made for

All Mahogany, Tenor w/ sound hole, lattice & cutaway
Our price:

Larger pic   400 USD



Concert Ukelele
Abalone sound hole

Our Price: $375


Larger pic   375 USD

Mahalo Soprano U220Mahalo Soprano Ukelele, comes with bag, tuner, & book

Our price: $70

Larger pic   70 USD
Luna Concert Ukulele


Luna Soprano Ukulele
Polynesian Tattoo with Tuner & Bag

Our price: $99

    99 USD

Rosewood UkeleleNEW!

Tenor Ukelele
Mahogany & Rosewood w/ sprucetop. Tenor blemish on top


Larger pic BUY 395 USD

Manuel Nuñez ukeleleRARE VINTAGE UKE

Manuel Nunez, all Koa
Made between 1900 - 1915

Complete Restored, Good Condition

Our Price: $2500
Call for details

Details   2500 USD

luna 8 string tenor ukeNew! Just SOLD, but more coming

Luna 8-string
Tenor Ukelele

Comes with gig bag

Watch video clip


Details $249 USD

Bacon Groton MandolinVintage
Tenor Lute
made by
Bacon Groton,
CT between 1924-26

Restored in excellent condition
Watch Video.

Details   1200 USD
kentucky 505 mandolinNEW

KM 505 with inlay
plain maple back & sides, all solid wood

List: $795
Our Price: $610 with case
$559 w/o case

Details 559 USD  

Flat Iron MandolinUSED
Flat Iron Octave Mandolin / Bozouki,

Maple back & sides, Mahogany neck. Made in 1995

Price: $900

Details   900 USD
Eastman 504 Mandolin New VALENTINE

MD 905 A Style, Solid carved spruce top. Sugar maple back and sides. Sunburst

Price: $1650

Details   1650 USD
kentucky 150 mandolinNew!

Kentucky Mandolin KM150
List: $350
Our Price: $250

Details   250 USD
Loar MandolinUSED
Epiphone Solid spruce top,
back and sides, gig bag

Our Price: $350
    350 USD

Eastman Mandolin MD515In stock
NEW MD515 Eastman Mandolin Classic F-Style/F-Hole design. Carved Solid Spruce top and Solid Maple back & sides. Shaped case included
List Price: $1300
Our Price: $999

You save: $400
Watch video demo


Details   999 USD

Eastman Mandolin MD505CSIn Stock
MD505 A-Style/F-Hole Eastman Mandolin
Carved Solid Spruce top, Carved Maple back & sides. Sparkling bell tones with superb projection. Shaped case included
List Price: $775
Our Price: $650
You save: $125
Watch video demo

Details   650 USD


Savannah F HoleBeginner's favorite!

NEW Savannah F hole A-style mandolins

  100 USD
Randolin Music Instrument  

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